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'Consumerism' Rises in World
The Christian Science Monitor, October 27, 1956 Continue reading »
Consumer Co-operation, Started in England, Rapidly Growing in U.S.
The Washington Post, May 23, 1937 Continue reading »
Consumers Cooperate
The Christian Science Monitor, February 15, 1963 Continue reading »
Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars
Building transatlantic networks in science and learning Continue reading »
Emergency Rescue Committee
Relief committee dedicated to the rescue of artists and intellectuals from Vichy France Continue reading »
Europeans Enjoy U.S.-Style Installment Buying
The New York Times, August 7, 1955 Continue reading »
Gilbert, Robert
Songwriter and translator of musical comedy Continue reading »
Silman, Elli
Film producer and agent between Hollywood and Germany Continue reading »
Small-Car Invasion Prods Detroit to Act
The Christian Science Monitor, July 30, 1957 Continue reading »
The Laughs are on Hitler: Europe’s Exiled Scholars are Finding Opportunity to Help Adopted Country
The St. Petersburg Times, August 1, 1943 Continue reading »