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Assembly of Captive European Nations
The “United Nations” of Eastern-European émigrés Continue reading »
Atlantik-Brücke and the American Council on Germany
Transatlantic institutions organizing German-American elite networking since the early 1950s Continue reading »
Dimitrov, Georgi M.
Voice of exiled Bulgarians and peasant activists Continue reading »
Fraenkel, Ernst
Translating and analyzing political regimes between America and Germany Continue reading »
Free Europe Committee
Providing Aid to Exiles and Cold War Propaganda for the United States Continue reading »
Hirschman, Albert O.
Economist between continents and disciplines Continue reading »
Josselson, Michael
Creating a transatlantic cultural community between intelligence and intelligentsia Continue reading »
Karpovich, Michael
Russian-born scholar of Soviet history in Cold War America Continue reading »
Kelsen, Hans
Legal scholar between Europe and the Americas Continue reading »
Lemkin, Raphael
Legal scholar and creator of the term "genocide" Continue reading »