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Automobile Design: It is Exciting in Europe but Only Promising in the U.S.
LIFE, December 8, 1947 Continue reading »
German art, architecture and design school of the interwar period Continue reading »
Bayer, Herbert
Bauhaus designer and commercial artist Continue reading »
Bernays, Edward L.
From “European” Psychology to “American” PR Continue reading »
Braun Known for Clean-Lined Design
The New York Times, February 5, 1964 Continue reading »
Burtin, Will
Transatlantic information design during the Cold War Continue reading »
Carlu, Jean
Graphic designer and proponent of modern art in advertising Continue reading »
Container Corporation of America
Introducing European modernism in graphic and corporate design Continue reading »
Dichter, Ernest
Psychologist, advertising expert, and motivation researcher Continue reading »
Herzog, Herta
Psychologist, market and motivation researcher Continue reading »