Entries in Social Sciences

Einaudi, Mario
Anti-totalitarian liberal scholar of comparative politics Continue reading »
Fischer, Anne
Social worker who played a crucial role in rebuilding social work in postwar Germany Continue reading »
Grothe, Liselotte
Social worker Continue reading »
Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna
This institute was established to help Austria overcome the intellectual depletion caused by authoritarian regimes in the 1930s and 1940s. Continue reading »
Konopka, Gisela
Internationally renowned proponent of social group work Continue reading »
Kurzweil, Edith
Sociologist who introduced French Structuralism to the United States Continue reading »
Lazarsfeld, Paul
Sociologist and expert in media and market research Continue reading »
Leichter, Elsa
Social worker who introduced family therapy in Germany Continue reading »
Munk, Marie
Émigré jurist and transatlantic advocate for family law reform Continue reading »
Plank, Emma (Nuschi)
Child Life specialist and early childhood educator Continue reading »