Entries in Urban Planning

Astride the Open Road
LIFE, December 24, 1965 Continue reading »
German art, architecture and design school of the interwar period Continue reading »
Blake, Peter
Editor of Architectural Forum magazine and vocal critic of modernism Continue reading »
Blumenfeld, Hans
Architect and city planner Continue reading »
City Planning: Why it Works in Europe
The Rotarian, September 1972 Continue reading »
Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne (CIAM)
International architecture and urban planning congresses Continue reading »
Emergence of a Master Architect
LIFE, March 18, 1957 Continue reading »
Fraenkel, Rudolf
Architect and urban planner Continue reading »
Gropius, Walter
Founder of the Bauhaus and internationally acclaimed representative of modern architecture Continue reading »
Gruen, Victor
Architect and urban planner, known for his shopping malls and city center revitalization projects Continue reading »