Prof. Dr. Hartmut Berghoff

Advisory Board | German Historical Institute Washington DC | Director

Hartmut Berghoff  has been directly involved with the project since its inception, giving academic advice and institutional support to "Transatlantic Perspectives." He continues this involvement as the only resident member of the advisory board. Prof. Berghoff is the Director of the German Historical Institute Washington DC. He has held research and teaching posts at University of Bielefeld, the University of Tübingen, Humboldt University Berlin, Beisheim Graduate School of Management Koblenz, and Harvard Business School. Prof. Berghoff is on leave from the directorship of the Institute of Economic and Social History at the University of Göttingen. His main areas of research include: business history, the interaction of cultural and economic history, the history of consumption and consumerism, and the history of globalization. He is currently researching the history of consumption in Nazi Germany. His many publications include Wirtschaftsgeschichte als Kulturgeschichte: Marktkulturen und Wirtschaftsstile, Wissenssysteme und Visionen (co-edited with Jakob Vogel) (Frankfurt,  2004) and Konsumpolitik: Die Regulierung des privaten Verbrauchs im 20. Jahrhundert (Göttingen, 1999).