How They Live So Well in Europe

TIME, November 3,1979

Updated: September 20, 2012

By the late 1970s, American tourists noticed a convergence in living standards in much of Europe and the United States. This 1979 article suggests, however, that significant lifestyle differences remained.

“It used to be that Americans returned from a vacation across the Atlantic full of tales of shopping bargains and cheap travel. No longer….Many wonder just how Europeans can afford to live at all in Western Europe, let alone so well…. ‘I have less than if I worked in America,’ concedes Hans-Heinrich Bittmann, a Dusseldorf advertising executive. ‘But,’ he argues, ‘I live better. More modestly, perhaps, but with less stress and more time for my family and myself.’”

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"Business: How They Live So Well in Europe." TIME Magazine, Nov. 3, 1979. 


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