Modern Living: Those Designing Europeans

TIME, February 17, 1975

Updated: September 20, 2012

European designs, from French fashion to Italian furniture, had long been highly regarded by American consumers. This fascination continued into the postwar period even as European designers adopted some American industrial design traditions. 

“On the Continent today, art, architecture and artisanship are aimed at luring the consumer in addition to rewarding the creator.  Reaching out from their venerable tradition of studio work, European designers, handling new materials and technologies, are raising the quality of life….What makes European design so successful?  Is it because, as Italy’s Giugiaro immodestly claims, ‘the level of taste is higher in Europe than anywhere else in the world’? Perhaps, though many Europeans concede that in some other realms involving taste on an even more rarefied level – painting, for example – the center of action has left Europe for the U.S. or elsewhere.”

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"Modern Living: Those Designing Europeans." TIME Magazine, Feb. 17, 1975. 


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