On City’s Fashionable Streets, European Shops Proliferate

The New York Times, December 23, 1978

Updated: October 04, 2012

Citing the growing abundance of European fashion boutiques on some of New York's most well-known fashion streets, this article from the New York Times touches on the appeal that the city holds for European companies and that European style holds for fashion-conscious Americans. The article includes interviews with Roberto Cazzaniga, the owner of a Madison Avenue shop that sells Italian jewelry; Count Enrico Carimati, an immigrant designer from Milan; and Maurice Amiel, the president of a company that imports French fashion.

“Once, immigrants came to America because they believed the streets were paved with gold. Guess what? They are coming here again with the same dream. The big difference is that back in the early days of this century the immigrants were mainly poor people. Today, they are merchants with enough capital to invest in prime space on Madison or Fifth Avenue or on such fashionable cross streets as 57th and 60th.”

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Schiro, Anne-Marie. "On City's Fashionable Streets, European Shops Proliferate." New York Times, Dec. 23, 1978, p. 42.

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