European Odds and Ends

The Christian Century, July 26, 1967

Updated: May 15, 2013

This article is a collection of observations made by J. Claude Evans, World War II veteran and chaplain at Southern Methodist University, while traveling through Europe in the mid-1960s. It touches on topics ranging from the design and function of window dressings, to the greatly varied costs of public health care, standards of work ethic and customer service as he observed them in his travels. 

“EUROPE abounds in variations, not only in language but also in cultural artifacts and socioeconomic practices. On the lighter side is the variation in the practice of "drawing the blinds."  German windows have ingenious slat-like shutters that are lowered outside the window by a canvas pulley on the inside... The importance of work is a theme sounded throughout Europe, but it too is a theme with variation." 

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Evans, J. Claude. "European Odds and Ends." The Christian Century, Jul. 26, 1967.

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