Meet Max Brauer: Mayor of Hamburg

The Rotarian, February 1950

Updated: October 04, 2012

In this issue of  The Rotarian, the official magazine of Rotary International, members of the service organization are introduced to the transatlantic career of the Mayor of Hamburg. Like many European exiles who escaped fascist persecution by coming the the United States, Max Brauer returned home after the war to help in the reconstruction process.

“One of his biggest problems upon returning to Germany was reawakening the people's spirit... It is perhaps traditional that German officials should deliberate, sometimes for weeks, over their decisions.  With the efficiency of a Yankee business executive, Rotarian Brauer works fast, expecting his orders will be carried out with equal dispatch. "Ach!" his subordinates  say. "Such excitement! So much work he gives! Just like an American."

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"Meet Max Brauer: Mayor of Hamburg." The Rotarian, Feb. 1950, p. 25.

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