Museum of Modern Art
Transatlantic taste-maker and promoter of modern architecture and design Continue reading »
Neutra, Richard Joseph
Famous modern and international style architect Continue reading »
New York World's Fair 1939 / '40
Envisioning a consumerist future in a transnational setting Continue reading »
Office of Strategic Services
The United States' first central intelligence agency Continue reading »
On City’s Fashionable Streets, European Shops Proliferate
The New York Times, December 23, 1978 Continue reading »
Plank, Emma (Nuschi)
Child Life specialist and early childhood educator Continue reading »
Previn, André
Musician, composer and conductor between America and Europe Continue reading »
Radio Project
Early attempt in media audience research involving many European emigres Continue reading »
Reichert, Kurt
Social worker Continue reading »
Rivals: How America Looks at Europe
TIME, March 12,1973 Continue reading »