Free Europe Committee
Providing Aid to Exiles and Cold War Propaganda for the United States Continue reading »
Gilbert, Robert
Songwriter and translator of musical comedy Continue reading »
Gropius, Walter
Founder of the Bauhaus and internationally acclaimed representative of modern architecture Continue reading »
Grothe, Liselotte
Social worker Continue reading »
Gruen, Victor
Architect and urban planner, known for his shopping malls and city center revitalization projects Continue reading »
Gutkind, Erwin Anton
Architect, city planner, and urban historian Continue reading »
Hahn, Carl
President of Volkswagen of America Continue reading »
Herzog, Herta
Psychologist, market and motivation researcher Continue reading »
Hilberseimer, Ludwig Karl
Modernist architect and city planner Continue reading »
Hirschfeld, Hans E.
West Berlin’s public relations manager and informal representative to the American government Continue reading »