Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars
Building transatlantic networks in science and learning Continue reading »
Emergency Rescue Committee
Relief committee dedicated to the rescue of artists and intellectuals from Vichy France Continue reading »
Europe Whips Chicago Gold Glovers
The Chicago Daily Tribune, May 13, 1939 Continue reading »
European Odds and Ends
The Christian Century, July 26, 1967 Continue reading »
European Recovery Program
U.S. program to support nations in post-World War II Europe, also known as the Marshall Plan Continue reading »
Europeans Enjoy U.S.-Style Installment Buying
The New York Times, August 7, 1955 Continue reading »
Fischer, Anne
Social worker who played a crucial role in rebuilding social work in postwar Germany Continue reading »
Ford Foundation
Funding transatlantic exchange between the arts and politics Continue reading »
Fraenkel, Ernst
Translating and analyzing political regimes between America and Germany Continue reading »
Fraenkel, Rudolf
Architect and urban planner Continue reading »