Transnational Institutions

This section offers short entries on a variety of institutions that supported transnational networks and fostered transatlantic transfers. The migrants featured in the Transatlantic Careers section frequently helped to promote transcultural exchanges and transfers within the context of such transnational institutions throughout the postwar Atlantic World. Academic research and education, urban development, business, and consumer culture are examples of the many areas of society that were influenced by flows of knowledge which transcended national boundaries. Beyond individual migrants, public and private institutions frequently played a central role in facilitating these processes, serving as vital nodes in a broader network of exchange.

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International Federation for Housing and Planning
A transnational network of exchange on urban development that grew out of the garden city movement Continue reading »
Doyle Dane Bernbach
Advertising agency that developed the “Think Small” campaign for the Volkswagen Beetle Continue reading »
European Recovery Program
U.S. program to support nations in post-World War II Europe, also known as the Marshall Plan Continue reading »
Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna
This institute was established to help Austria overcome the intellectual depletion caused by authoritarian regimes in the 1930s and 1940s. Continue reading »
Office of Strategic Services
The United States' first central intelligence agency Continue reading »

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