Transatlantic Careers: Migrant Biographies

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This section introduces the individual protagonists of the Transatlantic Perspectives project. Since transatlantic migrants served as agents of multidirectional exchanges and cultural transfers, their biographies constitute a major focus of the project. Rather than being comprehensive, this collection of short biographies consists of a sample of migrants, exemplary for their roles in transatlantic exchanges in several fields and professions throughout the postwar era, but particularly in our four research areas of business, consumer culture, urban development, and the social sciences. In contrast to traditional biographical entries, this section not only provides information on an individual’s life and career, but also identifies his or her roles in transatlantic exchanges and transfers of ideas, concepts, or methodologies. The essays aim to reveal the specific roles of the migrants as nodes of transatlantic networks, carriers of multidirectional exchanges, and vocal contributors to discussions of Europe.

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Konopka, Gisela
Internationally renowned proponent of social group work Continue reading »
Klein, Julius
American public relations specialist Continue reading »
Katona, George
Behavioral economist and consumer researcher Continue reading »
Rudofsky, Bernard
Designer and architect who focused on the problems of everyday design Continue reading »
Muller-Munk, Peter
Industrial designer known for kitchenware designs Continue reading »

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