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Rodes, Toby
Public relations expert Continue reading »
Rotival, Maurice Emile Henri
Urban planner and founding member of the faculty for city planning at Yale University Continue reading »
Rudofsky, Bernard
Designer and architect who focused on the problems of everyday design Continue reading »
Salvemini, Gaetano
Historian, humanitarian socialist, and activist intellectual Continue reading »
Silman, Elli
Film producer and agent between Hollywood and Germany Continue reading »
Simon, Maria
Psychologist and social worker Continue reading »
Steiner, Paul
Influential Book Packager of Non-Fiction Books and Founder of Chanticleer Press, Inc. and Chanticleer Co. Continue reading »
Stonorov, Oscar
Architect and city planner, public housing pioneer Continue reading »
Tillich, Paul
Protestant theologian of culture and philosopher of religion who popularized existential thought Continue reading »
von Moltke, Wilhelm Viggo
Urban planner Continue reading »