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Konopka, Gisela
Internationally renowned proponent of social group work Continue reading »
Kramer, Ferdinand
Architect and industrial designer Continue reading »
Kreisler, Georg Franz
Songwriter, composer, and cabaret performer Continue reading »
Kurzweil, Edith
Sociologist who introduced French Structuralism to the United States Continue reading »
Landor, Walter
Graphic designer and founder of an influential corporate image consultancy Continue reading »
Lazarsfeld, Paul
Sociologist and expert in media and market research Continue reading »
Leichter, Elsa
Social worker who introduced family therapy in Germany Continue reading »
Lemkin, Raphael
Legal scholar and creator of the term "genocide" Continue reading »
Lewin, Kurt
Social psychologist working on group dynamics and "field theory" Continue reading »
Loewy, Raymond
Early industrial design professional Continue reading »