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Herzog, Herta
Psychologist, market and motivation researcher Continue reading »
Hilberseimer, Ludwig Karl
Modernist architect and city planner Continue reading »
Hirschfeld, Hans E.
West Berlin’s public relations manager and informal representative to the American government Continue reading »
Hirschman, Albert O.
Economist between continents and disciplines Continue reading »
Josselson, Michael
Creating a transatlantic cultural community between intelligence and intelligentsia Continue reading »
Karpovich, Michael
Russian-born scholar of Soviet history in Cold War America Continue reading »
Kastner, Alfred
Architect and urban planner who contributed to the development of public housing in the United States. Continue reading »
Katona, George
Behavioral economist and consumer researcher Continue reading »
Kelsen, Hans
Legal scholar between Europe and the Americas Continue reading »
Klein, Julius
American public relations specialist Continue reading »