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Einaudi, Mario
Anti-totalitarian liberal scholar of comparative politics Continue reading »
Fischer, Anne
Social worker who played a crucial role in rebuilding social work in postwar Germany Continue reading »
Fraenkel, Ernst
Translating and analyzing political regimes between America and Germany Continue reading »
Fraenkel, Rudolf
Architect and urban planner Continue reading »
Gilbert, Robert
Songwriter and translator of musical comedy Continue reading »
Gropius, Walter
Founder of the Bauhaus and internationally acclaimed representative of modern architecture Continue reading »
Grothe, Liselotte
Social worker Continue reading »
Gruen, Victor
Architect and urban planner, known for his shopping malls and city center revitalization projects Continue reading »
Gutkind, Erwin Anton
Architect, city planner, and urban historian Continue reading »
Hahn, Carl
President of Volkswagen of America Continue reading »