Carola Hein

Associated Contributor | Bryn Mawr College

Carola Hein is a professor at Bryn Mawr College (Pennsylvania) in the Growth and Structure of Cities Department. She has published widely on topics in contemporary and historical architectural and urban planning—notably in Europe and Japan. Her current research interests include transmission of architectural and urban ideas along international networks, focusing specifically on port cities and the global architecture of oil. She is Asia book review editor for the Journal of Urban History and serves as Editor for the Americas for the journal Planning Perspectives. Her books include: The Capital of Europe (2004), Port Cities: Dynamic Landscapes and Global Networks (2011), Brussels: Perspectives on a European Capital (2007), European Brussels: Whose capital? Whose city? (2006), Rebuilding Urban Japan after 1945 (2003), and Cities, Autonomy and Decentralisation in Japan (2006). For more