Oda Cordes

Associated Contributor | University in Hanover

Oda Cordes is a jurist and an author who writes about the role of women in legal history. From 2006 to 2007, she held the Margaret Storrs Grierson Scholar-in-Residence fellowship award at Sophia Smith College in Northampton, MA for her research on the life and work of Marie Munk. While studying law, she published her first work while at the University of Göttingen and contributed research on the Jewish legal position in civil law from the middle ages until Jewish emancipation to a published series edited by Prof. Wolfgang Benz of the Center for Anti-Semitism Research at the Technical University of Berlin. She worked on the project “The Requirements for the Reform of Family Law and for the Legal Status of Women in the German Kaiserreich and the Weimar Republic (1873-1933),” funded by the German Research Foundation, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Stephan Meder at the Center for Civil Law and Legal History, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University in Hanover, where her PhD is based. She has also worked at the Leo Baeck Institute Center for Jewish History in New York (2006) and at the Special Research Center of the University of Chicago (2009), taking an interdisciplinary approach to legal history and transnational legal history. For more